Welcome to Impavita,

Impavita is an accessory webshop owned and operated by Chantal van Rossum. It is a young new company which started in the accessories business in the beginning of 2018. After much inspiration I decided to turn my passion into a career, that is selling amazing products to fashionable women. The idea came about when I saw the diversity of accessories over the years in which women across the world wear to complement the unique look. Impavita introduces different kind of products which will complete any women who has value, versatility, style and elegance.
Impavita aims in making you feel and look amazing.

Women of today dare to show others which fashionstyle they like. Impavita supports this vision of style and identity. With minimalistic and statement jewerly, customers can show their beauty in the simplicity. With this in mind I came up with the name Impavita which means 'Fearless'.

The style of the accessories is inspired by the current and latest trends. The accessories are stylish, elegant and a must have for the women of today.

Impavita makes the finest selection and delivers right to your doorstep by ordering through the webshop. Therefore, the collections are trendy and classy, with a wide selection for your individual taste not forgetting our style which makes an impact.

Everything we do is with love, passion and being thoughtful about our customers.

We hope to make your outfit perfect with the accessories of Impavita.

Love from,